All our dreams can come true
- if we have the courage to pursue them.

"Digital Transformation" is now progressing as ICT spreads out over human life, bringing good changes in every aspects.

Utilizing digital technology effectively and achieving an early corporate reform are significantly important to survive in the market.
We will support your IT strategy that leads to your successful business.

株式会社アクトワークス インフラ構築サービス,保守サービス,ソフトウェアサポート,自社製品


To assist remote work in the pandemic situation.

Manage Cube PC Remote

Connect Remote access

Connect remotely (from outside the office) to your office PC. Manage Cube PC Remote supports connections up to 100 users (devices).

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Manage Cube PC Record

Integrated Management System Record, Restrict, Manage

Visualize PC operations through recording, restriction, and management.

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Manage Cube Wake on LAN

Start-up WOL

Save power and energy by turning your office PC on when you are at home. Manage Cube Wake on LAN can manage up to 250 devices.

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Manage Cube IP Guard

Security Unauthorized device monitoring

Detect and deny any access attempted by unregistered devices. By simply connecting to office network, Manage Cube IP Guard can manage up to 250 devices.

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To resolve customer's various issues by system integration.

Infrastructure Construction service

Contribute to IT introduction and maximization of IT investment efficiency.

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Maintenance service

Provide server/network maintenance as well as security services according to your business structure and system configuration.

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Software Support

Support customers for selection and introduction of software, data migration, operational guidance, and further utilization.

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