Infrastructure Construction service


Provide various services from basic design of IT infrastructure to server and network setting, from device design to introduction.

01. Server design, setting & replacement

Propose and build server configuration such as on-premise, cloud, and virtualization that is suitable for you according to present server status, system requirement, and cost.

  • Consider initialization, security, maintenance efficiency, and running cost (cost performance) based on present system configuration, vendors, communication lines, cooperation with other bases, status of core systems, and location of server installation (on-premise, data center, or cloud) and propose the optimum server configuration for you.
  • Provide one-stop service through design and building, from hardware arrangement to installation and operation.
  • The service includes replacement and migration of existing servers, building and installation of new file servers, active directories, and various application servers, and cooperation with existing servers.
  • Make proposals based on disaster measures (BCP measures), the recent increase in remote work, and security measures against virus threats.

For those who have concerns such as…

  • The manufacturer’s support period for server devices or server OS has expired.
  • The server capacity is not enough.
  • Want to reduce running costs.
  • Remote work has increased, and it is needed to strengthen security measures such as against intrusion and data leakage.
  • Wondering about BCP (Business Continuity Planning) measures in the event of a disaster.

Our services

Server setting

Build various new servers according to your purpose.
Install in the company, data center, cloud, or other desired locations.

Server replacement

Migrate the functions and data of the current server to the new server and environment. Also support migration due to platform changes and version upgrades.

Disaster measures (BCP measures)

Propose and implement various countermeasures such as system redundancy, server multiplexing, and backup. Propose and build an environment that protects important data for business continuity and enables quick recovery.

On-premise environment

02. Network design & setting

Propose, design, and build the optimum network environment for you from design to operation planning.

  • Provide one-stop service from checking the current status to optimal network design for you and device selection/setting.

For those who have concerns such as…

  • Connection to Internet or head office server is slow.
  • New bases have been added.
  • Wondering about the network configuration after migrating the server to cloud.

Our services

Network design and setting Carry out careful preparations and inspections such as network surveys, application usage surveys, security requirement confirmations, cost analysis, and usage planning in order to plan, design, and build networks.
IP-VPN/Internet VPN Support everything from building a VPN environment for inter-base access and mobile work to building a cloud-type virtual VPN using virtual IP.
Closed network


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