Software Support


Support the selection of software that is suitable for supporting your business (accounting software, sales software, Microsoft Office tools, etc.), introduction, data migration, operational guidance, and utilization.

Software Support

The scale and usage of accounting and sales software vary depending on the customer, such as used in cloud, only in-house, only on one PC, and by multiple users. Initial costs and running costs also vary a lot.
We propose software that suits you, as well as support the use of Microsoft Office tools for those who want to migrate sales data from EC sites to Excel, or who want to automate routine Excel tasks.

  • Support the selection of the most suitable software for you, as well as its introduction and migration, among a variety of accounting and sales software from various manufacturers.
  • Support migration and version upgrades due to changes in the OS of your software.
  • Provide educational support and operational guidance of Word and Excel, and propose the improvement of work efficiency by using advanced functions of software such as pivot table, function, macro, etc.
    Develop simple software (Excel or a simple database) depending on the content of your request.

Our services

Bugyo series Support using Bugyo system
Bugyo series
Yayoi Support using Yayoi accounting and Yayoi sales
Microsoft Office Develop simple systems using Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Access) or VBA

For those who have concerns such as…

  • Want to manage deposits and withdrawals, billing, and payments with special software instead of Excel.
  • A business partner places an order by CSV file instead of facsimile or document.
  • Wondering about using Excel functions and graphs.


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